Adulterated Food

“I had ordered some food from a restaurant that normally did not serve take out.  After I ate, I found myself feeling sick within 30 minutes. Things got so bad, I ended up in the emergency room. Although I feel better now, can I sue for my medical bills?”

The short answer is yes. Agriculture Law sections 199-a and 200 proscribe labling and prohibit the sale of food with bacteria or some other additive that will make people sick. Violation of these statutes will give the victim the right bring to a lawsuit for personal injuries as well as medical bills.

You should try to document your purchase of food by saving the receipt from the restaurant. If you have any left over food from your purchase, you can save it in a zip lock bag. Your attorney will help you obtain other documentation for your claim. If you are a person that takes pictures of your food to post to social media, please let your attorney know.