I was injured doing remodeling at a construction for an employer that hired me a week before my accident. Can I collect Worker’s Compensation?

Yes. It does not matter how long you have been working on a job, you can always make a Worker’s Compensation claim. Construction workers are notorious for having many employers over their work life. Union members obtain employment through their union. Non-union construction workers typically get hired by contractors that have contracts for specific work. Typically, when the job is completed, construction workers move onto to new employers or are laid off until they find more construction work.

In order to start a Compensation claim, you must notify your employer of your accident and injuries within 30 days of your accident. Second, you need to notify the Compensation Board within two years of your accident. Most injured workers notify their employers immediately after their accident. The second notification to the Compensation Board can be submitted online or you can download a packet from the Compensation Board. Many people hire a Compensation lawyer or representative to help them complete the paperwork.

Compensation benefits are paid by the employer’s Compensation carrier as soon as your doctor submits a disability report and you submit your intial report of incident. Employers have the right to contest Compensation claims, but if you were injured while doing construction work at the job site during working hours, you will be successful with your claim. Medical and travel expenses (to and from the doctor) are also covered by Compensation.