Claims against the City and State involve unique procedures and stringent statute of limitations. In nearly all instances, a notice of claim must be served on entities such as the City of New York, MTA, or other municipal bodies before initiating a lawsuit. Claims against the State of New York must be proceeded by a Notice of Intention to File a Claim for Damages. Claimants pursuing legal action against a municipality often find themselves testifying twice – first before the filing of the summons and then subsequently after the lawsuit has commenced.

At Minchew & Santner, LLP, each of our partners possesses extensive experience in handling thousands of cases against municipal entities, addressing all procedural intricacies that may arise. Importantly, our firm’s comprehensive knowledge of relevant laws enables us to optimize your recovery for accident cases. For a free consultation regarding your claim against the City, MTA, or any other municipal entity, please do not hesitate to contact to our firm.