“How long does it takes to get an insurance company settlement?”

There is no one answer for every case.  Cases in certain counties tend to move more quickly than cases in other counties. This is true for both New York as well as New Jersey.

The common types of personal injury cases like car accidents and trip and fall accidents tend to move the quickest. The less common cases like contruction accidents or medical malpractice claims usually take longer.

We tell our clients that most car accidents cases and trip and fall claims brought in Supreme Court, Richmond County settle in between two to three years.  Some cases settle more quickly, some take longer. But there are so many different factors that determine how long litigation takes until a trial or settlement, that it is not fair to give a specific length of time for litigation, especially without knowing the particulars of your case.

Worker’s Compensation claimants may receive no settlement at all. Such settlements only occur when the claimant’s medical conditions have stabilized and the doctor submits a report commenting on disability. There is no set time how long a medical condition takes to stabilize. Furthermore, unlike cases brought in Supreme Court, there are formulas that the Componsation Board uses to calculate the amount of a settlement. (The amount of the settlement is computed on a case by case basis.)